Momentary Life

Nothing remains
Everything shatters
What remains is just the memories
The memories that cut through your heart
The happy memories that makes you cry for the bygone times.
The memories that finally  faint away!


Watch “We should all be feminists | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TEDxEuston” on YouTube

“We teach girls shame. Close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though being born female they’re already guilty of something. And so, girls grow up to be women who cannot say they have desire. They grow up to be women who silence themselves. They grow up to be women who cannot say what they truly think. And they grow up–and this is the worst thing we do to girls–they grow up to be women who have turned pretense into an art form.”
-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



Remembering Langston Hughes (Feb 1,1902-May 22,1967)

Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamer,
Bring me all your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world.

– Langston Hughes

Quote by Sylvia Plath

Why the hell are we conditioned into the smooth strawberry-and-cream Mother-Goose-world, Alice-in-Wonderland fable, only to be broken on the wheel as we grow older and become aware of ourselves as individuals with a dull responsibility in life?


My mind was weak,

From being a silent spectator!

Weak for living this routine life!

There was a stream of thoughts rushing in,

It felt as if a serpent had crept into the mind

It was crawling through my head hissing its way through!

Its hissing was a call to some unknown forces!

With each move it made, my body cringed

I was staring blankly at the screen where nothing made sense !

Slowly the icons in the screen

Awakened by the hiss,

Crawled one by one from the screen

And as they crept out of the screen they transformed into insects;

Insects with stings!

They slowly crawled and made a march towards my neck

And strangled me to death with their long legs!

Last moment!

The sky was overcast with pregnant clouds.
Sun was setting which gave the sky a crimson hue.
And the birds were returning to their nest,
And she had decided death over life.
As she was bidding farewell
She realized she wanted to live.
As the consciousness began to fade
She began to see beauty of the world.
Lying near the window she wished
Someone would come to rescue.
Why did she make this decision?
She had already forgotten the reason !
She wanted to live!
She wanted to see the sunrise again.
Slowly the crimson sky changed to blood red
It started raining,
The rain had arrived late
For she, who loved the rain
Had reached a world of her own!!!